별밤 주소,
– 광주광역시 북구 경양로147번길 8-6 (중흥동 710-27)

광주역에서 오는 방법,
– 도보로 약 5분

광주 송정역에서 오는 방법,
– 기차 이용 광주역 이동 후 도보 이동
– 지하철 1호선 이용 금남로역으로 이동 후 버스이용 NC백화점(구현대백화점)에서 하차
*이용가능버스: 두암81번, 유덕65번, 수완49번, 금남58번, 진월07번, 송정19번

광주 광천동 고속버스터미널에서 오는 방법,
– 버스 이용 NC백화점(구현대백화점)으로 이동
*이용가능버스: 임곡89번, 첨단30번, 지원56번, 유덕65번

Byulbam Hostel in Gwangju
8-6, Gyeongyang-ro 147beon-gil
500-878 Buk-gu Gwangju South Korea

The Byulbam Hostel is located just minutes away from the Gwangju railway station.

To get to the Byulbam Hostel from the Gwangju railway station
– Walk out of the Gwangju railway station and cross over the road in front of you, and then walk 300 metres to department store NC and turning left along Gyeongyang-ro.
– Walk 10 metres and turn left into to Gyeongyang-ro 147beon-gil.
– Walk 10 metres and turn right into Gyeongyang-ro 165beon-gil which will be on your right.

From Central Coach Station (U-Square)
There are many buses which go directly to the Gwangju central railway station, the key buses are 30 and 58. (NC-Department Store near Gwangju railway station)
Both of these buses run from 5 am – 12 pm so getting to us is very easy.

By Underground
If you use the Underground from Airport or Gwangju-Songjeong railway Station, Yangdong Market station or Geumnamro station from Line 1 is the closest station to our property. and then you should take the bus to the Gwangju train station.